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The last day 05.01.2010
Fighting jetlag & trying to see the sights 04.01.2010
Warm weather, lots of people and lack of sleep 03.01.2010
A day of just travel 02.01.2010
Back to the UK 01.01.2010
A night at the opera 31.12.2009
Vienna by Shanks' Pony, Fiaker's Pony & Tram 30.12.2009
From Graz to Vienna & an accomodation stuff-up! 29.12.2009
Cast from 101 Turkish Cannonballs 28.12.2009
Climb every mountain 27.12.2009
Swimming outside – when the temperature is -2 26.12.2009
Christmas Day – and another visit from our guest blogger 25.12.2009
Twas the day before Christmas 24.12.2009
Salzburg – home of Mozart 23.12.2009
And now it's feeling warm 22.12.2009
St Gilgen at last 21.12.2009
Why are you driving an Austrian car? 20.12.2009
The Romantic Road..... 19.12.2009
Hop, Skip & Jumping across countries 18.12.2009
A tale of 2 cities 17.12.2009
The ingenious use of curves 16.12.2009
291 Bridges, 91 Tunnels & Legendary Viaducts 15.12.2009
A perfect day..... 14.12.2009
I was blind, but now I can see. 13.12.2009
Just like sugar frosting sprinkled over the trees 12.12.2009
Farewell to the Mosel Valley... 11.12.2009
A day of organising & catching up 10.12.2009
We decided to just pop into Luxembourg for the day 09.12.2009
Stories of heavenly nectar 08.12.2009
Can you ever have enough of Christmas Markets? 07.12.2009
We could get used to sleeping in 06.12.2009
A chance to relax 05.12.2009
One day – three countries 04.12.2009
Starry, starry night. 03.12.2009
Another day - another country 02.12.2009
Brussels - home of the waffle 01.12.2009
We visited Brugge 30.11.2009
Fooling the enemy when you only have one cannon 29.11.2009
Escargos.... 28.11.2009
We walked for miles 27.11.2009
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Paris 26.11.2009
Who did design the Chateau Chambord? 25.11.2009
There are three classes of people: 24.11.2009
What do you do when your husband the King dies? 23.11.2009
Buenos Noches Espana 22.11.2009
Whirling ghosts on the Spanish plains 21.11.2009
Modernista's 20.11.2009
Roman life underneath the city 19.11.2009
A trip back in time 18.11.2009
Who beat the bank at Monte Carlo? 17.11.2009
From the mountains to the sea 16.11.2009
And it's onto the edge of the Alps 15.11.2009
All paths lead to Piazza San Marco 14.11.2009
Tales of trucks and prancing horses 13.11.2009
The Leaning Tower of Pisa doesn't just lean 12.11.2009
Florence- creative heart of Tuscany 11.11.2009
A left hand drive view of Rome 10.11.2009
Three laps of the Vatican 09.11.2009
How do 'celibate' Popes display nepotism? 08.11.2009
Ancient Rome 07.11.2009
Gelato, Pizza, Pasta & chaos on the roads 06.11.2009
The Buda Hills 05.11.2009
The 'Pest' in Budapest 04.11.2009
Beware of those admiring your scarf 03.11.2009
Prague/Praha 02.11.2009
slán go Éire & vítat Praha 01.11.2009
What do fish, egg and rope have in common? 31.10.2009
The Shrine of St. Bridget's Shoe 30.10.2009
We see the 'Na Beanna Beola' & visit the 'Conmhaicne Mara' 29.10.2009
There was an Old Man of Kilkenny, 28.10.2009
I bless the holy name of God with all my heart... 27.10.2009
What do these things have in common? 26.10.2009
Here's Céad Míle Fáilte to friend and to rover 25.10.2009
Home of the Football World Cup 2018 24.10.2009
We're surprised Geoff's relatives ever left Redruth 23.10.2009
More than just Roman Baths 22.10.2009
Sheep encloures in rolling hillsides 21.10.2009
We will draw the curtain 20.10.2009
Sorry sir 19.10.2009
There is a strong chance of rain in the Lake District 18.10.2009
Farewell to Scotland 17.10.2009
No surfeit of laudation is possible, 16.10.2009
It never rains on the Isle of Skye 15.10.2009
Introducing our guest blogger 14.10.2009
Thall's a Bhos An t-Eilean Sgitheanach 13.10.2009
“Stop looking at that, 12.10.2009
Come let us spend the lightsome days, 11.10.2009
Arrival at Castle Menzies Farm 10.10.2009
Mary King's Close 09.10.2009
Where is Berwick? 08.10.2009
UK in photo's - 1 07.10.2009
Tales of Blaspheming Bishops 07.10.2009
"All journeys have secret destinations ... 06.10.2009
We thought we would never get out of London 05.10.2009
London in photo's - 3 04.10.2009
I've serious concerns about the Queen 04.10.2009
All the world's a stage 03.10.2009
London in photo's - 2 02.10.2009
Finally saw it.. 02.10.2009
Sore feet 01.10.2009
London in photo's - 1 30.09.2009
We dropped around for a cuppa.. 29.09.2009
How Very British 28.09.2009
Thailand in photo's 27.09.2009
Let's Go To The Market 27.09.2009
UVO's Sighted in Bangkok 26.09.2009
“The world is a book..." 25.09.2009
Shopping the Thai Way 25.09.2009
As all the pieces go together.. 18.07.2009
It's like a 1001 Piece Jigsaw 30.04.2009
We're All Dreaming of a White Christmas 22.04.2009
Let The Planning Begin! 14.04.2009